Glass Curtains – Are They Curtains, Home windows Or Doorways?

Are Glass Curtains truly curtains? Or are they home windows … or doors? The reply is – Yes!


Originally developed to enclose balconies and terraces in hotter climates, this kind of as Spain, the single glazed glass panels fashioned a weatherproof wall of glass that took nothing at all absent from the look at yet enabled the balcony or terrace to be used on all but the coldest times.

The idea of simply sliding every panel to the side of the aperture and turning it 90 degrees to stack towards the facet wall gave rise to the term ‘curtain’.

Dining places and Cafes commenced enquiring regardless of whether their home windows could be replaced by the frameless glass panels, the positive aspects getting an increased see and ease of opening up the ‘windows’ to maximise air movement. If the complete wall is replaced from the flooring, the glass curtains would operate as doorways.

Inside larger establishments, the slide-and-turn panels were used to partition off places as required, some owners specifying tinted or etched glass to improve their decor.

Golfing clubs and resorts with cloisters observed the advantage of enclosing the areas to maximise their year-spherical likely. Glass Curtains can be mounted to suit inside of curved arches they can also be fitted spherical the curves of a circular terrace or balcony.

Right now.

The glass curtains idea was recently introduced to Britain. The authentic single-glazed toughened glass panels are best for inside partitions and commercial purposes but unsuitable as replacements for patio doorways in dwellings, as the thermal insulation demands can not be achieved with solitary glazed models.

Even so, there are a number of choices for householders to contemplate, relying on which facets of the style appeals to them.

1. Replacing a wall or patio doorways with a great check out and maximum obtain.

Bifolding doors offer very good sights and fold again to the side wall or partitions for entire access. The door frames figure out how good the look at may well be. For case in point, inexpensive plastic frames are fairly broad in get to supply some energy, much better plastic is reinforced with metallic but is broader than wood which, in turn, is broader than aluminium (normally 60mm).

Narrower even now are the 20mm frames of slimline doors, new to the market. These are based mostly on the slide-and-flip principle of glass curtains.

2. Attaining great views with personal panels for adaptable obtain.

Slimline double-glazed, mentioned earlier mentioned, have been developed in Spain specifically for the Uk market place. All panels can stack at the aspect of the opening or can be organized across the opening to go away gaps in between the glass panels. Gaps can be extensive ample to walk via or tiny enough to keep toddlers in or pets out.

Arguably, a bonus of installing this program is the enjoyment of being distinct. Bifolding doorways have turn into well-known more than the past two or 3 several years, but they have been offered for about 10 years – main buys are not created also often so the expansion of such an sector is relatively gradual. This new system has just turn into available and will most likely be mounted in much less than two hundred homes this 12 months.

three. Seeking the final body-cost-free program.

Double glazed, thermally compliant Glass Curtains, similar to trim profile double-glazed – but frameless – are available to get whilst awaiting testing and approval for suitability as exterior doorways.

Screening and approval is required for homeowners who have the item installed to comply with creating regulations as properly as conserving on power expenses.

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